Illam Chapter

Illam Chapter

Ilam district is a Hill district of Province No. 1 in a eastern Nepal.The district covers, 703 km2(658 sq mi). The 2011 census counted 290,254 population. Ilam is the district headquarters, about 600 km (370 mi) from Kathmandu

Ilam is today one of the most developed places in Nepal. Its ILAM TEA is very famous and is exported to many parts of Europe. The main source of income in this district is tea, cardamom, milk, ginger, potato, orlon, and broom production on a large scale. Ilam is the largest ginger producing district of Nepal. The production data is given below

Area (Hectare "H")

Production (Metric Ton"MT")

Yield (MT/H)






Ilam District Committee Members:

President                            Shiva Kumar Aryal

Vice President                   Dhruba Adhikari

Secretary                            Binod Dewan

Under Secretary               Gayatra Ghimire

Member                             Sitaram Adhikari

                                             Kul Prasad Adhikari

                                             Basu Adhikari

                                             Indira Rai

                                             Prakash Parajuli

                                             Karuna Subba

                                             Radhika Koirala

                                             Narad Lamsal

                                             Pabitra Aryal